Friday, February 13, 2009

Things That Work

I really should be fixing my hair. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded. Oh yeah, I have to re-wash most of the dishes because the dishwasher is broken. All three beds are unmade. There is clean laundry strewn across the living room floor that needs to be put away. I have class in two hours. I have to miss my son's Valentine's party at school because I will be in class. Oh yeah, I have a migraine. 

Things that work....

This past Tuesday, we had a small group meeting at church. We are going through the Boundaries study by Cloud & Townsend. Great book! I highly recommend it. Anyway, one of the questions in the study guide was: "What things and persons are you jealous of?" My husband and I were sharing book. I had the pen. Of course I did. I immediately circled the word things and drew an arrow down to the blank space. I wrote, "THINGS THAT WORK!!!" My husband just smiled. He knew exactly what I meant.

Things that work...

In my ideal world, these are a few things I wish for:

- A dishwasher that cleans the dishes on the first run and isn't so loud that it's decibel rating is considered deafening. 
- Being able to wake up perky and clean, fixing my hair and make-up immediately, fixing a nutritious breakfast for my family.
- Either there would be a cure for migraines or they would not exist at all.
- I could be able to take classes to fulfill my failing sense of worth AND make it to all events at my children's schools.
- The gym would be my best friend.
- Our family would never run out of money before the month is over.
- Friendships could be deep and meaningful and real. No fear of sharing, no fear of receiving. 
- Life would make sense.

Things that work...

Until then, I will choose to be content. I have been blessed. I have a home, a husband, two healthy children whom I love so much, a wonderful father, and blossoming friendships, both new and old.

And as far as that old dishwasher, who cares! That is why God gave me two hands, after all!

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